Support the Benfica Foundation with a donation via: 
- NIB Transfer - 000000737799073 23 0007;
- Or send a check payable to the Benfica Foundation to the following address:

Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica

Avenida General Norton de Matos, Porta 18

1500-313 Lisboa:

The donations made by companies and citizens are extremely important for the Foundation to develop its mission and, under the Patronage Statute, are tax deductible.

Thus, concerning the donations of which it is the beneficiary, such statute assures grantors or sponsors:

- On Corporate Income Tax

- Increased by 130%, these are deductible to determine taxable income as costs or losses up to 8/1000 of the sales volume or the services provided (Article 62, No. 3, paragraph a) of EBF);

- On the IRS and performed by individuals residing in national territory (Article 63 of the EBF);

- The IRS tax deduction of 25% of the amount tendered;

- The IRS tax deduction of 25% of the sums awarded, up to 15% of the collection, when the grantors are taxpayers with category B incomes and processing organized accounting.

Note: In order to the Benfica Foundation to issue donation receipt for tax purposes, the following information must be submitted - name, address, fiscal number and proof copy of the donation.

Data must be sent to the e-mail fundacao@slbenfica.pt, Fax 21 721 95 46 or by mail to the Foundation’s address. The receipt will then be sent to the address provided.