IRS: It doesn’t cost to help the Benfica Foundation


Members, supporters and fans of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, have, from this year on, the possibility of contributing to the Benfica Foundation by completing their tax return. Helping only requires assigning 0.5% of the IRS to the Benfica Foundation.

This is possible because the Portuguese government recognized the Foundation’s public utility and, in this case, the law allows each citizen to decide whom to make this donation to without incurring in any cost to him/herself at these times of financial shortage.

"We know that, by carrying out this simple gesture, we contribute to improving the lives of those in a situation of social fragility," reminded Luís Filipe Vieira, president of the Benfica Foundation, adding:

"We want to use Benfica’s influence to mobilize each and every one for this action of solidarity. I know I can count on all Benfiquistas."

By contributing to the Benfica Foundation, one is promoting better education, combating social exclusion, promoting social development and increasing humanitarian aid.

How to help?


When completing Annex H of your tax return, enter in Table 9 the option "Social Solidarity Institutions or Legal Persons of Public Utility" with the Benfica Foundation’s taxpayer number: 509 259 740.

Veja o vídeo da acção da Fundação Benfica com o objectivo de combater o abandono e o insucesso escolar:

Saiba como fazer o preenchimento no Portal das Finanças para apoiar a Fundação Benfica com 0.5% do seu IRS:

Como preencher o IRS e ajudar a Fundação Benfica

Conheça os projetos da Fundação Benfica na página do Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/FundacaoBenfica